Australian lunch meat set for “icon” status


A South Australian staple, true fritz (also known as bung fritz as it was traditionally made in ox bungs) is set to gain icon status as members of the Australian Meat Industry Council come together to apply for protected status.

The lunch meat, made from pork, beef and lamb trim, has been a staple of the Australian diet for decades and the nostalgic angle certainly plays on the emotions of consumers, who remember eating it as a child and through into adulthood. In recent years it has become less desirable, and in the latest Sausage King competition none of the entries gained enough points for a gold medal. It was this shock that led to the campaign to grant the foodstuff icon status and capitalise the ‘F’.

The campaign will get underway in May, and by the end of the year Australians could be seeing Fritz in their delicatessens and butchers across the country.

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